Time allocation:
2 days
  • A leader learns to recognize his personal vision, strategy and goals.
  • He learns how personality constraints and limits (mental and emotional habits) affect his ability to be goal-oriented, and create and enforce visions.
  • Training enhances the ability of introspection, awareness of reality and change.
  • Recognizing people's potential.
  • A leader and his ability to be goal-oriented - vision and strategy.
  • Basic topics of personality type and self-knowledge.
  • Training metal work techniques - utilization in practice.
  • Situational games.
  • You will learn the technique of the "Observer".

Recommended seminars after the course:
Developing personal mastery

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20.02. - 21.02.2023
Místo:Kolovratská 110/4, Praha
Lektor:Mgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.
Součást semináře:Vědomý leadership
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20.02. - 21.02.2023Vědomý leadershipKolovratská 110/4, PrahaMgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.