Time allocation:
half a day or one day
The seminar is designed for:
All those who have the basic Enneagram knowledge and who, for their work, want and need to learn how to recognize other people's types in an exact and ethical way.
  • You will learn to ask questions which will help you to know the other person.
  • You will learn to listen to natural everyday signals others show and this way to know and understand them.
  • Model situations in which the participants will learn to see, listen and observe the other people's signals and this way to know and understand them.
  • Questions for each type which will help you to know each type.

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EPTP - Enneagram Professional Training Program®

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Price: 3500,- Kč
24.02. - 25.02.2022
Místo:Kolovratská 110/4, Praha
Lektor:Mgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.
Cena:3500,- Kč
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24.02. - 25.02.2022Kolovratská 110/4, PrahaMgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.3500,- Kč