Time allocation:
half a day or one day
The seminar is designed for:
All those with basic Enneagram knowledge and are in daily contact with people.
  • You will learn to work with typical conflict starters, both yours and others'.
  • You will be able to go through a conflict effectively with regard to your needs (type).
  • You will learn to work with other people's needs and tendencies in conflict.
  • You will learn about your and other people's typical conflict triggering mechanisms.
  • Individual ways to prevent conflict with individuals or go through a conflict constructively.
  • You will learn the rules of managing a conflict "tailored" just for you.
  • By understanding individual type misrepresentations in conflict, you will widen your understanding and get a better control in critical situations. 
  • You will experience model situations and an opportunity to learn about and change your normal pattern of solving problems.
  • By maintaining your influence over an ongoing conflict, your inner stability and security will increase.
  • You will learn the tools to maintain an influence over your emotions and the opportunity to help others go through their emotional reactions. You will learn some exercises to give your physical body a support - to get strength before and in difficult situations and release stress.

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