"Where attention goes,  goes energy, there is going on life and there takes place a change."

Time allocation:
2 days
  • In this part we will build on a theoretical and experiential "foundation" and go through the experience with emotional training.
  • You will learn to work with focusing your attention and the ability to direct energy, which is transmitted by emotions. You will understand the saying "Energy flows where attention goes, that is where life happens and where change takes place."
  • Increasing confidence based on understanding, acceptance and practical exercises.
  • Increasing the credibility of a leader in the eyes of others through awareness, based on feedback.
  • Through a specific experience you will find yourself face to face with your own limit, and you will seek ways to exceed the limit.
  • Training will teach you the skills of delegation, empowerment and decision making.
  • You will be encouraged to remain in a certain situation and accept it, knowing what is happening, what's at stake and what the possible solutions are.
  • Working with the body will affect the possibility of change in everyday life.

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23.01. - 24.01.2023
Místo:Kolovratská 110/4, Praha
Lektor:Mgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.
Součást semináře:Vědomý leadership
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23.01. - 24.01.2023Vědomý leadershipKolovratská 110/4, PrahaMgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.