Mgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.

Our team: Mgr. Michaela Velechovská, PhD.

Company executive director and manager, internal coach

Lecturer, coach and manager in VEVA CZ. Michaela lectures seminars developing emotional intelligence, including seminars with the Enneagram, emotional and social competences, communication and feedback, coaching and other development programs.

"I have been lecturing and working with the Enneagram since 2008. To me personally, this work has a deep meaning because it can improve people's quality of life and they can be happier and more successful. It has helped me incredibly so I have a personal experience which constantly motivates me. I enjoy working in a corporate environment because I get to meet people who might otherwise not go to our seminars. However, seminars and coaching help these particular people the most."
Michaela Velechovská
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