PhDr. Eva Velechovská

Our team: PhDr. Eva Velechovská

Guarantor, VEVA CZ executive director, owner, trainer, coach

Lecturer, trainer, consultant, EPTP licence holder for the Czech Republic. Author of national educational projects for teachers and managers. Author of a number of books and communication board games.

"A man is more than time and numbers, performance and results. When working in companies, I focus on supporting people in order not only to reach their goals and complete their tasks but most importantly so that they could develop themselves and live good lives. Sometimes my work does not only support the leadership, solving conflicts or team development but the people themselves. It is their need to have harmonic family environment, prospering children and time for themselves. My offer to learn about and understand personal and job challenges helps to solve synergistically the quality of their lives. I help to strengthen their energy, motivation and the knowledge what they truly  want."
Eva Velechovská

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