František Kužela

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Lecturer, Coach

Lecturer, coach, trainer. He lectures workshops developing emotional intelligence including Enneagram seminars, emotional and social competencies, coaching, communication and feedback, and other development programs. He also leads 360-degree feedback.

"I have been interested in the Enneagram since 1996 and I have been lecturing and coaching since 2007. While working as a sales representative, I found out how useful it is to be able to manage myself and offer my clients such environment in which they would feel comfortable and would want to communicate and make business with me. I consider development of emotional and social competencies as a basic tool in successful work. Personal development can improve not only work performance but also the quality of people's lives so that they can be happier and more successful. To me, personal development has given me a tool to be very successful in my profession as a salesman, businessman. Business is still my hobby and I like working in a corporate environment because I get in touch with people who are often very surprised to find out how efficient and simple it can be to work with their colleagues and clients."
František Kužela

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