Ing. Libuše Brychtová

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Lecturer, Coach

Lecturer, Coach, Lecturer in seminars: Self-Awareness with the Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Work with Inner Energy. Libuše uses her knowledge of the Enneagram, emotional intelligence, rhetoric, energy work, and NLP techniques.

"It is a small miracle when in everyday life we treat ourselves to a bit of kind and conscious attentions. In every company and every team, people are the most important element in achieving and meeting goals and tasks. We sometimes tend to forget this fact in the flood of e-mails, programs, applications, tables and graphs. In companies, I emphasize that people, as absolutely unique beings, should get an opportunity to step out of the shadow of numbers in order to remember they can develop in a meaningful and effective way, and take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Due to their personal improvement and the improvement of their family background, they can significantly better, and in better quality, use their work potential. To start giving greater attention to ourselves is a recipe to improve how we deal with challenges, conflicts, leadership, motivation and developing people and companies. "Behind all things, let's look for a man with his human qualities and be steadfast in doing so."
Libuše Brychtová
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