Mgr. Lidmila Vrzalová

Our team: Mgr. Lidmila Vrzalová

Lecturer, Coach

Lecturer, coach specializing in the area of emotional intelligence, communication, presentation skills and personnel work. Lidmila uses coaching, the Enneagram, systemic constellations together with her management and HR experience to support development.

"Emotional intelligence and the Enneagram are one of the best ways to help people in companies to develop. The fact that people are the most valuable asset companies have in today's fast and competitive environment is not just a phase. We need mature, cooperative, independent, responsible, active, motivated, engaged, empathetic people who are able to deal with complicated situations with their customers on one hand and within their teams on the other. We have high expectations and such people are very rare. We can, under certain conditions, work on these qualities. What VEVA is trying to bring into companies is directed precisely in this direction. We teach specific things, understandable to all, with feet kept on the ground, touching our everyday reality. It works and I find it fascinating and making deep sense to me."
Lidmila Vrzalová
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